About Us

WELCOME to the lives of Mickey The Bulldog and The Padded Bum Crew.  The PBC live with their Mommy, Sandi.  I have been adopting bulldogs for over 18 years, focusing specifically on seniors and harder to place bulldogs as they always seemed to steal my heart.  Prior to adopting Mickey, I had just lost one of the sweetest bulldogs that I'd ever had, Tubby.  He was a huge loss and consequently it took me a while to decide if and when it was time to save another.  

While away on a business trip in England, Mommy Sandi was scrolling through local bulldog rescue sites, when one day came across this adorable little guy through Southern California Bulldog Rescue, you know him as Mickey.  He was a 4 month old puppy with Spina Bifida and fused back legs and would eventually need a wheelchair to get around.  There was something about this little guy that just tugged at my heart, and while I was so in love with him.....I questioned my ability to care for a special needs animal.  What I knew is that I had a huge heart, filled with unconditional love and while it may not be easy, I knew he was the one, so I took the leap and officially adopted Mickey on June 30, 2012.  Ironically, after adopting Mickey, I found out that he was born on the day Tubby left me for the Bridge.  He was MEANT to be mine.

Mickey was my life changer.  He gave me the confidence to continue to adopt bulldogs with Spina Bifida, mobility issues and any other special needs.  I went on to adopt Jeyda, Bessie, Minnie, Lilo, Stitch and Moses (not a Padded Bum, but still special).  I encourage you to read the "Meet The Crew" page to learn about each one of them.  Sadly, I lost Jeyda to health issues on 7/31/13.  I made her a promise when she passed that her short life would not be in vain, so consequently, I started a fund called "Jeyda's Wish" in her honor.  The fund provides financial assistance to rescues that take a chance on special needs, seniors and hospice cases.  

I created this website to give you a glimpse into the world of Mickey and The Padded Bum Crew.  My goal is to hopefully inspire others to take a chance on these sweet babies.  If I can save even one life, my job is done.  

I encourage you to check out my Mickey and The PBC merchandise.  100% of the profits from these items goes directly to Jeyda's Wish which in turn goes to rescues that help Special Needs, Seniors, severely abused and Hospice animals.  I encourage you to check out Our Faves page to learn about the products I use to help care for these babies.  I've tried many products and have found these to work best for me.  You are welcome to contact me through the Contact Us page, or through Facebook or Youtube.  

Thank you for visiting.  I'd love to hear your feedback.

Tons of love,

Sandi, Mickey, Minnie, Lilo, Stitch, Moses and the cat, Gracie